The Most Annoying Email Subject Lines...EVER!Right, I’ve decided that I am going to start this post as an ongoing list of the most annoying, cheeky and downright offensive subject lines that enter our email inbox each day.

Now of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying to get the best open rates possible, and as long as your subject line is funny, or maybe related to the subject of the email, or anything else for that matter, as long as it’s not flat out insulting or misleading.

So you know the type of thing I’m talking about don’t you? The subject line that has been created not with you in mind, but with the open rate instead.

In case anybody thinks that the only point is to get somebody to open your email, and therefore these subject lines are worth it, I’d say that the point of the email is to get people to read your email and click through to where you want them to go. Being an idiot with subject lines like these, will make people distrust you and stop reading altogether.

This is an open post and I’ll be adding to this whenever I find a new, unbelievably rotten subject line in my inbox.

So here goes:


The Most Annoying Subject Lines…EVER!!!

Subject: Thank you

What??? I know it’s meant to make you think…”Ooohh, I wonder what they’re thanking me about? I’d better open it…” but really, give us some respect will you?…PLEASE!

Subject: I’m Dying

I’ve had this a couple of times now, and quite frankly I find it both sick and offensive. On each occasion, the person backed up the subject line by adding some lame story in the email itself. It was either, “…to tell you about this.” Ugh, awful. Or, equally as bad, “It’s true, my laptop is dying on me with the amount of emails I’ve been receiving about this product”. Again, ugh! A quick note to the idiots that use this one, It’s not big, it’s not clever, and you only make yourself look like an idiot to the person reading.

Subject: I’m not going to email you anymore…

Then when you open up it says…”about this great offer”. I mean, REALLY! Surely people can’t get sucked in by this garbage.

Subject: Useless Product” is live, go go go…

This one has been getting on my nerves for years. Thankfully, it seemed to disappear for a while. However, I’ve noticed that it’s now rearing it’s ugly head again, as a new generation of online marketers get the chance to be offended by this ridiculously bad subject line. I mean…go go go…REALLY? If you get an email with this subject line, ask yourself if the marketer sending it had your best interests in mind when hitting send. I doubt it very much. Sometimes I’ve seen “hurry, hurry, hurry as well, equally as awful.

Subject: Do Not Buy “Useless Product”…

Of course, when you open up, you find out that you shouldn’t buy it…until you’ve seen the “amazing/unbelievable/never before seen” bonus that this particular marketer is offering for buying through their link. It’s misleading, it’s patronizing and it shows that you’re nothing more than a statistic in the open rates, instead of a real person.


I’ll keep adding these as I find them, feel free to add yours below.

Olly’s Tip

Olly's TipOne quick point, if you are going to add more of these by commenting, make sure you keep the name of the person out of it. It would be better to keep this as a post on useless subject lines, rather than a name calling exercise. Thank you. 🙂



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